Clinton in Strong Position

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She got on the debate stage and knocked it out of the park. While she may have cash-flow issues, she still has far more money than anyone else. She leads by a lot in every national poll, even if the first two states are close. She has a wide lead in delegates.

In short, by every metric we have, Hillary Clinton is winning the fight for the Democratic nomination. She’s winning it big. She’s doing it on the ground, and in the fundraising department. She’s doing it across the board. She’ll testify in front of the Benghazi Committee and take that waste of time on soon. She’s won a debate.

I’m not sure what metric Joe Biden is using to make his decision. I’m not sure what metric people are using to say she’s in trouble against Senator Sanders. Right now, Secretary Clinton is a big favorite to win the nomination.


We Live in a Mess of a World- Lamar Odom Edition

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Lamar Odom is apparently in a coma. He seems to have OD’ed on herbal viagra, cocaine, and lord knows what else while at a Nevada brothel. For such a young man to be in this state is terrible. Addiction is an awful thing. It can literally kill someone.

With that said, the next person who describes him as the ex-husband of a Kardashian (Khloe, I think?), should get smacked. This man was an accomplished athlete, a champion. He should be described as a former NBA star who made it to the top. Describing him as a Kardashian diminishes him to some sort of reality TV star. He’s not.

I hope for the best for Odom, both in recovering from his health issues and in recovering from his drug issues. It’s really sad to see someone end up in this state.

The LCS Preview in Blue

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Photo by Richard Wilkins Jr.

Ok, so there are four teams left in the MLB playoffs, and all four of them wear blue. All four of them are teams who aren’t that accustomed to winning recently either. Somebody has to win though in the end, so let’s take a look at the two series.

ALCS- Toronto Blue Jays vs. Kansas City Royals

Ok, so it’s Kansas City Barbecue against…. Canada? The Royals are back in the ALCS after a thrilling comeback to beat Houston, while the Blue Jays had to win three straight to beat Texas. The Royals won last year’s AL crown, and fell just one game short of the ring. The Blue Jays last won in 1993 (barf).

As I said, the Royals are from Kansas City, which I only really associate with barbecue. It’s in Missouri, or maybe Kansas, or there’s a KC in both, but who really cares in the end, right (I know it’s in Missouri, but c’mon)? Toronto is in Canada, I need a passport to reach it, it’s home to Drake, and Joe Carter hit his infamous home run there. It’s definitely “hockey town,” while Kansas City doesn’t have hockey or basketball, so I guess that’s an edge to Toronto if we want to do something besides eat or play baseball in either. I’m a big fan of that Blue Jays offense and Ben Revere, but i’m also a big fan of this Royals group and Ryan Madson.

I don’t think this Royals team will be denied. This is a really hard series to call, but I think the Royals win in seven.

NLCS- Chicago Cubs vs. New York Mets

Ok, if you’re cheering for the Mets here, you are the bad guy. 1908 is so long ago that parts of my family weren’t even in America yet, and just about everyone who was there is dead. The last time the Cubs won, Teddy Roosevelt was President. The last time the Mets did, Ronald Reagan was. I’ll take Roosevelt.

Chicago or New York Style Pizza? Lake Michigan or the Long Island Sound? Let’s not kid ourselves, New York is the coolest city in the world, but Chicago is really awesome. The Mets are the “JV Team” in New York sports. Chicago loves their Cubs something fierce, whether they ever win or not. Wrigley Field is beautiful, but i’m a pretty big fan of Citi Field too, actually. If we just look at Queens vs. Chicago, count me with Chi-town, it’s easier to get around.

So the actual series involves two young groups. The Cubs will get to line their big two aces up to start this series in New York, while the Mets will probably have to start out with Harvey. Either way, Harvey and De Grom will both pitch twice, and Arrieta and Lester will too. This means the pitching will be really good. I have the Cubs winning in seven though, and advancing to their first World Series since I’ve been alive, and longer.

Lehigh Valley Elected Democrats Get It Wrong on Superior Court

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Judge Alice Beck Dubow is a solid legal mind and Democrat from Philadelphia. She won a contested Democratic Primary to get the job, and she is now running strong against Northampton County Judge Emil Giordano for the Superior Court of Pennsylvania. Mr. Giordano is a good judge and person. I’ve met him a couple of times, and we’re of the same fraternity at Moravian College. I won’t speak ill of him at all.

This is an appeals court job though, not a local court of common pleas job. These judges will write law. They write legal opinions that can alter our lives. I want the solid progressive judge writing that law. Any good Democrat should. If you want the law interpreted from a Republican point of view, just be a Republican. Don’t be a Democrat backing the Republican Judge:

After winning the backing of Democratic State Sen. Lisa Boscola last week, Giordano announced the endorsements of even more Lehigh Valley Democrats.

Giordano is receiving support from the following officials: former Democrat Superior Court Judge Robert Freedberg, former Democratic Court of Common Pleas Judge William Moran, Democratic Mayor of Easton Salvatore Panto Jr, Democratic Mayor of Whitehall Ed Hozza, Democratic Mayor of Northampton Tom Reenock, Mayor of the North Catasauqua Bill Molchany, Jr, and Democratic Bethlehem City Councilmen Eric Evans and Mike Recchiuti.

So most of this is dismissed rather easily. Local judges stick together, and some of these guys are lawyers that argue in front of him. Some I can’t explain though, and those folks are wrong. There is a serious difference between how Democrats and Republicans view major judicial issues. These Democrats made a mistake here.

A Good Debate Night for Serious Democrats

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Last night’s Democratic debate was unlike anything we’ve seen this election so far- there was a debate on issues. There wasn’t a reality TV star spewing racism and personal attacks. There wasn’t a clown show atmosphere. There wasn’t a generally xenophobic tone. There was a real, live debate.

For my part, I was very happy with what I saw last night. I think at least three of the five candidates had good nights. I think the night produced confidence in the American public towards our candidates’ ability to lead the nation.

My thoughts on the field:

  • Hillary Clinton won the debate- She was strong, smart, clear, and Presidential on that stage. I was impressed that she didn’t sit back and play defense all night. Instead she made her points, tangled with opponents when needed, defended herself strongly, and laid out a clear vision for the country. While she appealed to progressives, she didn’t say anything that will lose her the general election. Her relentless case for defending working class people won her points. She looked like the prepared candidate on stage, and she did a great job of re-assuring us all that she’s the front-runner.
  • Bernie Sanders showed he can hang- Bernie Sanders had never been in anything like last night before. I think he did a very nice job of introducing himself to America, and making a case for his election. You can talk about the themes- money in politics, fight climate change, regulate Wall Street, a smarter foreign policy- because they were clear. This was the first time he left the “home field” of the progressive left, and he did take fire on issues like gun control and calling himself a socialist, and neither went great for him, but he did fight out of the corner and stay on his feet. I thought he did enough to continue being considered serious.
  • Martin O’Malley- I thought O’Malley came across as smart and polished. Being on stage with the front-runners will help him. I think he did a good job painting a picture of his time as Mayor and Governor being a positive. I thought he looked strong on some key issues, and probably helped his future prospects.
  • Jim Webb- This is a lesson in how fast politics can change. This guy was elected as a Democratic Senator in 2006. In 2015 he seems out of step with the party on many issues.
  • Lincoln Chafee- Huh? Wow.

It was a good night. I’m proud to be a Democrat.

You Can’t Help but Smile for Chicago Fans

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10177995_10152083957732536_3465873000475975718_n 10336702_10152108187907536_8671668970665485887_n

Anyone with one ounce of empathy in them had to feel good for Cubs fans yesterday. If you watched the end of their series clinching victory over their arch-rivals, the St. Louis Cardinals, the happiness in Wrigley Field was obvious to anyone. Yesterday was the first time they ever clinched a post-season series in Wrigley Field- that stadium is over 100 years old. It’s been a long time, and those people have suffered enough.

For me though, I’m reminded of my time living in Iowa. Hundreds of miles away from Chicago, people were still Cubs fans, something that seemed like a foreign concept to me, coming from the Northeast. Chicago is truly a regional city, and the Cubs are the regional team. An entire region of the country has suffered with this team. I went to a few games in Des Moines for the Cubs AAA team, and the fans were there. It had a charm to it.

I particularly remember seeing a specific fan at a game in 2014 who stuck with me. He really represented the people and fans there. He was old, had a gray beard, struggled walking, was a bit heavy, and probably wasn’t going to see many more seasons. He was in Des Moines on this Saturday night to see his Iowa Cubs, and he had all Cubs gear on. Had he been a fan of some team that was a rival of my Phillies, like say the Mets, I might have laughed at this character, but on this night a little bit of sympathy took over. I thought to myself, this old man has never seen his team win anything. He’s never even seen his team on TV in the World Series. And yet he’s a fan. Then I looked around, and realized there were more than one of him.

I’m not a Cubs fan. In fact, I don’t even like the team. Good for those people though. Good for the fans. Congrats, Chicago.

We All Need a Lunchtime Laugh

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There are 8 million people in New York City… of course a few do this. It’s a good laugh. Who knows if these are even real.

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