Why Northampton County Controller Steve Barron Should be Re-Elected

Steve Barron

Photo credit to Lehigh Valley Ramblings

Northampton County’s Controller, Democrat Stephen Barron, is seeking a third term in office in just over two weeks at the polls. He will be opposed in that election by Republican County Councilman Hayden Phillips. According to my information, the races will be close for all of the county offices, or at least they are now, so your vote will matter. I will be voting for Mr. Barron’s re-election. I hope you will join me, so I will share my positive reasons behind Mr. Barron, and my negative reasons for not voting for Mr. Phillips.

  1. Steve Barron has been an independent thorn in the side of the last two County Executives, both Democrat John Stoffa and Republican John Brown. He was a leading critic of Stoffa’s policies on Gracedale, helping lead the charge against closing it. He has opposed Brown on tax increases, wasteful contracts, and illegal pay raises for staff. I guarantee you that both will be voting against Mr. Barron. He’s also found millions of dollars in savings for the county voters, via his office’s audits. Mr. Barron has done a good job.
  2. Mr. Phillips is on the current county council, and he voted last year for a 9.25% tax increase. In fact, he proposed a tax increase of double that on council. He refused to vote to sue the County Executive to stop his public relations contract that was unnecessary under the Home Rule Charter. He’s attempting to confuse voters into believing he wants to turn Gracedale into a non-profit, when he actually wants to privatize it. Beyond all of that, Hayden Phillips is one of the right-wing nuts that want to stop “Agenda 21,” echoing the complaints of Texas Senator Ted Cruz that “the UN wants to get rid of golf courses.” Nothing like stopping sustainable land use practices.

For me, the choice is very clear. Northampton County voters should vote for Mr. Barron’s re-election.


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