We Live in a Mess of a World- Lamar Odom Edition


Lamar Odom is apparently in a coma. He seems to have OD’ed on herbal viagra, cocaine, and lord knows what else while at a Nevada brothel. For such a young man to be in this state is terrible. Addiction is an awful thing. It can literally kill someone.

With that said, the next person who describes him as the ex-husband of a Kardashian (Khloe, I think?), should get smacked. This man was an accomplished athlete, a champion. He should be described as a former NBA star who made it to the top. Describing him as a Kardashian diminishes him to some sort of reality TV star. He’s not.

I hope for the best for Odom, both in recovering from his health issues and in recovering from his drug issues. It’s really sad to see someone end up in this state.


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