The LCS Preview in Blue


Photo by Richard Wilkins Jr.

Ok, so there are four teams left in the MLB playoffs, and all four of them wear blue. All four of them are teams who aren’t that accustomed to winning recently either. Somebody has to win though in the end, so let’s take a look at the two series.

ALCS- Toronto Blue Jays vs. Kansas City Royals

Ok, so it’s Kansas City Barbecue against…. Canada? The Royals are back in the ALCS after a thrilling comeback to beat Houston, while the Blue Jays had to win three straight to beat Texas. The Royals won last year’s AL crown, and fell just one game short of the ring. The Blue Jays last won in 1993 (barf).

As I said, the Royals are from Kansas City, which I only really associate with barbecue. It’s in Missouri, or maybe Kansas, or there’s a KC in both, but who really cares in the end, right (I know it’s in Missouri, but c’mon)? Toronto is in Canada, I need a passport to reach it, it’s home to Drake, and Joe Carter hit his infamous home run there. It’s definitely “hockey town,” while Kansas City doesn’t have hockey or basketball, so I guess that’s an edge to Toronto if we want to do something besides eat or play baseball in either. I’m a big fan of that Blue Jays offense and Ben Revere, but i’m also a big fan of this Royals group and Ryan Madson.

I don’t think this Royals team will be denied. This is a really hard series to call, but I think the Royals win in seven.

NLCS- Chicago Cubs vs. New York Mets

Ok, if you’re cheering for the Mets here, you are the bad guy. 1908 is so long ago that parts of my family weren’t even in America yet, and just about everyone who was there is dead. The last time the Cubs won, Teddy Roosevelt was President. The last time the Mets did, Ronald Reagan was. I’ll take Roosevelt.

Chicago or New York Style Pizza? Lake Michigan or the Long Island Sound? Let’s not kid ourselves, New York is the coolest city in the world, but Chicago is really awesome. The Mets are the “JV Team” in New York sports. Chicago loves their Cubs something fierce, whether they ever win or not. Wrigley Field is beautiful, but i’m a pretty big fan of Citi Field too, actually. If we just look at Queens vs. Chicago, count me with Chi-town, it’s easier to get around.

So the actual series involves two young groups. The Cubs will get to line their big two aces up to start this series in New York, while the Mets will probably have to start out with Harvey. Either way, Harvey and De Grom will both pitch twice, and Arrieta and Lester will too. This means the pitching will be really good. I have the Cubs winning in seven though, and advancing to their first World Series since I’ve been alive, and longer.


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