1,000 Posts


Today, I passed 1,000 posts on here. I started this blog earlier this year to try out a different medium, and I’m mostly happy with it. With that said, i’m not as prolific of a writer as I used to be. Perhaps the traditional blogging is dying for me too. I’ll try to spice it up moving forward, though I expect to write less.

A few insights on this blog- you seem to like it best when I write about baseball, but also when I write about dogs, international issues, and local politics. You are mostly from America, but I get readers from France, the United Kingdom, Canada, Russia, India, the Netherlands, Japan, Singapore, Australia, and Panama on the regular, to name a few. This is the most gratifying part of the blog- writing for a global audience. It makes our world a little smaller, and brings us closer together. It’s an honor that you read what I have to say.

In the future, I expect to unveil some new things on here. I hope to advocate for some views, causes, and candidates that I support. I also hope to advocate for changes I want to see happen in my world. I look forward to the next thousand posts with you all, and hope you continue to support me by reading as you do.


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