You Can’t Help but Smile for Chicago Fans

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Anyone with one ounce of empathy in them had to feel good for Cubs fans yesterday. If you watched the end of their series clinching victory over their arch-rivals, the St. Louis Cardinals, the happiness in Wrigley Field was obvious to anyone. Yesterday was the first time they ever clinched a post-season series in Wrigley Field- that stadium is over 100 years old. It’s been a long time, and those people have suffered enough.

For me though, I’m reminded of my time living in Iowa. Hundreds of miles away from Chicago, people were still Cubs fans, something that seemed like a foreign concept to me, coming from the Northeast. Chicago is truly a regional city, and the Cubs are the regional team. An entire region of the country has suffered with this team. I went to a few games in Des Moines for the Cubs AAA team, and the fans were there. It had a charm to it.

I particularly remember seeing a specific fan at a game in 2014 who stuck with me. He really represented the people and fans there. He was old, had a gray beard, struggled walking, was a bit heavy, and probably wasn’t going to see many more seasons. He was in Des Moines on this Saturday night to see his Iowa Cubs, and he had all Cubs gear on. Had he been a fan of some team that was a rival of my Phillies, like say the Mets, I might have laughed at this character, but on this night a little bit of sympathy took over. I thought to myself, this old man has never seen his team win anything. He’s never even seen his team on TV in the World Series. And yet he’s a fan. Then I looked around, and realized there were more than one of him.

I’m not a Cubs fan. In fact, I don’t even like the team. Good for those people though. Good for the fans. Congrats, Chicago.


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