Lehigh Valley Elected Democrats Get It Wrong on Superior Court


Judge Alice Beck Dubow is a solid legal mind and Democrat from Philadelphia. She won a contested Democratic Primary to get the job, and she is now running strong against Northampton County Judge Emil Giordano for the Superior Court of Pennsylvania. Mr. Giordano is a good judge and person. I’ve met him a couple of times, and we’re of the same fraternity at Moravian College. I won’t speak ill of him at all.

This is an appeals court job though, not a local court of common pleas job. These judges will write law. They write legal opinions that can alter our lives. I want the solid progressive judge writing that law. Any good Democrat should. If you want the law interpreted from a Republican point of view, just be a Republican. Don’t be a Democrat backing the Republican Judge:

After winning the backing of Democratic State Sen. Lisa Boscola last week, Giordano announced the endorsements of even more Lehigh Valley Democrats.

Giordano is receiving support from the following officials: former Democrat Superior Court Judge Robert Freedberg, former Democratic Court of Common Pleas Judge William Moran, Democratic Mayor of Easton Salvatore Panto Jr, Democratic Mayor of Whitehall Ed Hozza, Democratic Mayor of Northampton Tom Reenock, Mayor of the North Catasauqua Bill Molchany, Jr, and Democratic Bethlehem City Councilmen Eric Evans and Mike Recchiuti.

So most of this is dismissed rather easily. Local judges stick together, and some of these guys are lawyers that argue in front of him. Some I can’t explain though, and those folks are wrong. There is a serious difference between how Democrats and Republicans view major judicial issues. These Democrats made a mistake here.


One Response to “Lehigh Valley Elected Democrats Get It Wrong on Superior Court”

  1. […] endorsed Northampton County native and Republican nominee for the Superior Court Emil Giordano, I said they got it wrong. They probably are citing some vague principle of “voting their conscience,” or […]

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