Tonight’s Democratic Debate


Several months after the Republicans had their first debate, the Democrats running will finally have their debate tonight. Hillary Clinton, the original front-runner, finally will be face-to-face with the left-wing challenge to her potential nomination that is known as Bernie Sanders. It’s not as compelling of television as a debate with Donald Trump in the middle of the stage attacking anyone who gets in his way. It’s probably going to be too heavy on policy for the casual viewer. Even so, tonight it finally gets real.

A couple of notes:

  • I fully expect the former Secretary of State to have a good night. She’s smart, tough, and experienced in these settings, and I think those qualities will finally show through to a broader audience. She’ll lay out plans for our nation, and hopefully get a chance to respond to the email “scandal” in front of a national audience. If she isn’t rusty and has a good night, she could get a bounce out of tonight that helps her wrestle back momentum in this primary fight.
  • Bernie Sanders will be the most entertaining guy on stage. He’s a bit prickly, which also leaves him vulnerable to a gaffe tonight, but his supporters will like what they get from him tonight. Tonight should go a long way towards showing if he has any appeal beyond his base.
  • I’m watching Martin O’Malley tonight. He’s a legitimate candidate, but hasn’t gone anywhere yet. Tonight he has to show something if he wants to be considered for Vice-President or a future run for President. Expect him to assert himself on stage.
  • Ratings will stink in comparison to the 20 million watching the GOP debate. It’s less of an entertainment event.

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