I’m Disappointed that Chase Utley Didn’t Get In


I’m disappointed in Don Mattingly. Not for defending Chase Utley- I’m fine with that. I’m disappointed that Mattingly didn’t play him at all last night. He certainly could have started him against Harvey, whom he hits well. He used several other pinch-hitters last night. He could have just put him in as a defensive replacement late. The game was a blowout, so there was nothing stopping them.

I don’t think Mattingly did Utley any kind of favor. Does anyone think he didn’t want the fans he long tortured to boo the hell out of him? Does anyone think he didn’t want to face Harvey, and even get hit, giving them a free base runner? Does anyone think he didn’t just want to get back on the field and put Saturday night into the past? I don’t think Chase cares about a fastball in the ribs or the hatred of Mets fans, two things he already had from both. I do think moving on would have been nice.

I also think that it would have been good for all others involved. The Dodgers looked flattened by the atmosphere last night, and the Mets are trying to advance at this point. “The slide” is dominating the discussion of a series that is still, at it’s core, about who wins. Mattingly could have got the “big moment” out of the way in a blowout last night. He didn’t. It came off weak to me.

Then again, the Dodgers have in general. They seem ripe for elimination by the Mets today.


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