Joe Torre- Disciplinarian? Or Joke?


It’s a shame that he’s in this position- Joe Torre has had a good life in baseball. Unfortunately, he’s about to do some damage to that sterling reputation. Torre decided to suspend Chase Utley for games three and four of the Dodgers series with the Mets for his slide that broke Ruben Tejada’s leg in game two. In doing so, Torre has contradicted himself, over-stepped his bounds, and possibly impacted this series negatively.

The big problem with Joe Torre’s decision to weigh in on this matter is that he came out and defended his umpires in the first place. Sure, Torre can say that the call on the field was a judgment call and had to be made in the moment, whereas he had the benefit of watching the play over night. He can say that if he’d like, but it doesn’t change the reality of what Torre is doing- he’s suspending Chase Utley for a play that the umpires on the field didn’t find troublesome. He’s stepping into something he should simply stay out of. He’s denying the Dodgers a player on their roster in a crucial game, one who has absolutely had his way with the Mets game three starter. Joe Torre belongs nowhere near this play or suspension.

Basically, Joe Torre will do anything to make the New York Media happy at this point though. Utley is hated up there, Tejada’s leg is broken, and the Post and Daily News won’t stop whining unless Utley is either injured or suspended now. Yeah sure, the slide was called legal in the opinion of the umpires, but New York fans and New York media must be appeased by Joe. He will literally change the rules and punishment in the middle of the playoffs to appease a fan base of whiners. Have they ever suspended anyone for a hard slide in recent times? Of course not. Joe Torre can’t allow this one to go without his response though, I mean, Chase Utley said mean things about New York before…

Time to step down, Mr. Torre. You have no credibility.


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