Exit Interviews- And Down Go the Yankees


And so, just like that, the Yankees return to the post-season is over. It feels about right, as they were never going to contend to win it all, right? This team was picked to finish deep in the second division this season, and had all kinds of old, troublesome roster spots. To the non-Yankee fan who watched, they over achieved.

The Yankees, moving forward, are not the team of A-Rod, CC, Beltran, or other aging stars. It’ll be about Severino, Judge, Bird, and the other young guys they brought in. Here’s the good news for Yankees fans- the infield of the future is here. Bird, Refsnyder, Gregorius, and Headley actually could stick for a few years, and provide a huge upgrade defensively on where they’ve been in recent years. The late inning bullpen arms are all there, and all very good. The rotation of the future will include the Eovaldis, Severinos, and the Pinedas and Novas if they can stay healthy. The Yankees actually only need a couple of good pieces to be the next young, upstart team going somewhere. They are well on their way to something good.

It just won’t be the 2009 team. Obviously Jeter is gone now, and frankly the other old guys on this team are approaching that point. Tex will be very available this Winter, and A-Rod is always out there, if you’ll pay him. The Yankees should certainly move one of their starting outfielders- preferably Beltran or Ellsbury over Gardner- to get themselves space for Judge. It’s time for this team to move on from their past, and if they are going to contend in the AL, they will do so this Winter. If they try to hang on again, next season will not be any more magical in the Bronx.


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