AL Divisional Round Preview


Photo by Richard Wilkins Jr.

Well, I didn’t want Houston to win, but it also isn’t the “end of the world,” right? The AL playoffs will go on, in fact they’ll even be pretty interesting. Here’s my preview of the two series.

ALDS- Kansas City Royals vs. Houston Astros

Well, last year’s Astros face this year’s version. The surprising, young upstarts from Houston got hot and won the Wild Card, then steam rolled the Yankees at Yankee Stadium. Next up they face the Royals, who basically did this last year. On paper, this is a mismatch. The Royals had the best record in the AL, won their division like three months ago, and won the AL crown last year. The only thing that stopped Kansas City from having a World Series parade last year was a certain left-hander that pitches for San Francisco.

So, as I said the other day, I don’t have much to say about Houston. I’ve never been there. They have a team where everyone is almost ten years younger than me, which is depressing. So does Kansas City though, and I’ve also never been there. Kansas City is known for it’s barbecue, which I like, but Texas does food pretty good too. I have been to Omaha, where the Royals AAA team is at, and I did see them win the AAA championship a few years ago. I guess that’s cool.

So who do I like here? I don’t have strong feelings about either team. Both have some players I like though. I think the Royals have been sitting back too long. I think Houston takes them down in this series, despite not having home-field and not having Keuchel until game three.

ALDS- Toronto Blue Jays vs. Texas Rangers

Now, these two teams I like. How can I not like the line-ups in this series? How can I not like Cole Hamels for God’s sake? I know David Price wasn’t ever on the Philadelphia team, but I like him too. In fact, a Hamels-Price game five would be great, it would remind me of 2008.

So the Rangers are from Dallas, and I hate the Cowboys. On the other hand, there’s 1993, so you know how I feel about the Blue Jays. I like most of the players on both teams though, so I’ll overlook that. I need a passport to go to Toronto, and there are people in Texas who wish I needed one to go there.

Up until last weekend I felt like the Rangers were the hot team. Then they kind of stumbled through the weekend to the division title and messed up their rotation. If the Rangers win a game in Toronto early, they have a shot, but the Blue Jays have more of a roster. My guess here is that the Blue Jays win this series in five games. I’m pulling for Hamels though.


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