My MLB Award Picks


MVP? Photo by Richard Wilkins Jr.

With today’s off-day, I’m going to give you my picks, if I had a vote for who would win each of MLB’s awards.


I would vote for Bryce Harper. He finally put it all together and played like the hype suggested, and basically kept the Nats in the race in the NL East as long as he could. Andrew McCutchen was his regularly awesome self, Anthony Rizzo was really good, and Yoenis Cespedes was awesome in his limited NL time, but this award should go to Harper.


Josh Donaldson edges out the crowd for this one, particularly on his own team. The third baseman was just flat out awesome this year. He hit for power, he hit for average, and he played the position well. Jose Bautista was good too, but this one’s for him. Mike Trout should almost certainly get considered here, as should, dare I say this, Alex Rodriguez. Jose Altuve also should get a look.

AL Cy Young

On the grounds that I like familiar names and hate hideous beards, I wanted to give this award to David Price, but will narrowly concede this award to Dallas Keuchel of the Astros. His 2nd place ERA finish and 20 win resume was enough for me. Price comes pretty close here.

NL Cy Young

Zack Greinke was Mr. Consistency this season. He deserves this award, narrowly over his teammate Clayton Kershaw. Behind them you have Max Scherzer and his two no-hitters, Jake Arrieta, and Gerrit Cole.

NL Rookie of the Year

Kris Bryant certainly has more flaws than some of the national press would have you believe, but he should win this award. Maikel Franco was in it at one point, but injuries count against you. Noah Syndergaard is absolutely disgusting, but Bryant had “more” of a rookie year.

AL Rookie of the Year

Carlos Correa should win this award. Yes, I know that others had good seasons, but he was crucial to his team’s success here. This is actually kind of easy.

AL Manager of the Year

Jeff Banister of the Texas Rangers is my pick. That team was going down hill prior to this season, and they won the West. Joe Girardi also got a ton out of a Yankees team I didn’t think would compete.

NL Manager of the Year

I’ve slighted the Cardinals throughout this process, so I should say Mike Matheny, and I will. He deserves this. Terry Collins should get a good look too, he did an awesome job.


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