More of Hillary’s SNL Appearance, Please


This may come as a shock to some people, but Hillary Clinton is not a monster. She didn’t actually didn’t kill anyone or do any of the other heinous things the right-wing accuses her of every so often. She’s a hyper-smart grandmother, who watches sitcoms, and thinks about ways to solve the greatest problems facing our world. No, she’s not as naturally warm and fuzzy as her husband, or as inspirational of a speaker as President Obama, or as “every-man” as Vice-President Biden, but she’s also not the cold, manipulative, awful creature she’s been depicted as for the last 24 years by the American right-wing.

Hillary Clinton would be a really damn good President, because her values are right. She’d also be an inspirational and historic President, because she would shatter the glass ceiling facing women in this country that stops them from achieving leadership positions. Her election would have concrete benefits for our country and world, but it would also have symbolic value to half our population. Her winning would be a good thing.

Hence, I have to say that she did a great job on Saturday Night Live. She did a service to herself and her campaign by doing that appearance. She began to change the discussion and narrative around her towards a more positive, human one. She can’t win the White House on a bunch of SNL appearances, but she can begin to show herself. I hope this marks a new point in her campaign, one where she takes off and begins to squash some of the silly season discussion of her. Hopefully this is a fork in the road.


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