The Next Moves Ahead


This is my quick primer to the off-season. I’ll go into depth on more subjects later, but here’s a few things to expect going into this off-season.

  • Declined Options- Cliff Lee’s option will be declined during this coming week, and he’ll be finished here.
  • Free-Agents Leaving- Eligible Phillies include Cliff Lee, Aaron Harang, Jerome Williams, Chad Billingsley, and Jeff Francoeur for free agency after this season. Only Francoeur has any chance of being back.
  • Early 40 man roster cuts- The Phillies have 47 guys on the 40 man roster, and have to get back to 40 players by the start of free agency. I only expect four guys to clear due to free agency, so several will have to be cut early on. Expect players like Jordan Danks, Brian Bogusevic, Chase d’Arnaud, Erik Kratz, and some of the starters and relievers to be casualties of this period.
  • Protecting prospects- I suspect that Roman Quinn and Nick Williams are absolute locks to be protected, but other decisions like Gabriel Lino and Brock Stassi will be interesting to watch. The Phillies don’t have a ton of 40 man roster room, so if they want to put a bunch of young guys on before Spring Training, they will need to make some harder cuts.
  • The Rule 5 Draft- The Phillies will have the #1 pick in December’s Rule 5 Draft at the end of the meetings. It is highly likely that the Phillies will clear a 40 man roster spot before hand and make at least one selection, given they can pick the best player available. The Rule 5 Draft landed the Phillies past notable players Shane Victorino and Dave Hollins.
  • Free Agency- I suspect the Phillies will try and sign a starting pitcher that is durable enough to give them 200 innings. I also think they will want a set-up man that is adequate, so they don’t use Giles for too many two inning saves. Another outfielder or two wouldn’t hurt either. I also suspect they will look to bring back d’Arnaud and Bogusevic on minor league deals, amongst others.
  • Trades- Look for the Phillies to be active on the trade market. They now have plenty of minor league talent and several young major leaguers that they could move to fill voids on their roster.

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