Goodbyes- In a Season of Goodbyes


Chase running out his final play with the Phillies.

Long before the Phillies got to Clearwater for Spring Training, they said goodbye to franchise icon Jimmy Rollins and traded him to the Dodgers. With that move, a season of turnover began that has left the Phillies far different than what they were a year ago at this time. While that is a good thing, it is kind of sad as well. So with the 2015 season ending, and probably even more players leaving, I wanted to say my goodbyes to many players the Phillies had over the last twelve months.

  • Goodbye to the 2008 Phillies. While it is true that Cole Hamels, Chase Utley, Jimmy Rollins, Joe Blanton, and J.A. Happ will be playing next week, and Shane Victorino still could, don’t mistake that with these guys having much time left. While we put Pat Burrell into the Wall-of-Fame this year, many others look like they should be there soon. Utley, Rollins, Carlos Ruiz, and Jayson Werth all hit below .230 this season, and Ryan Howard was only slightly better than them. Victorino suffered through a number of injuries, and Kyle Kendrick was atrocious in Colorado. Happ and Blanton had decent enough seasons, and Hamels is still a big time arm, but most of the 2008 crew are running short on time remaining in the league.
  • Goodbye to Chase Utley, Cole Hamels, Ben Revere, and even Jonathan Papelbon, all of whom were traded this season. Three of them will get to play in the playoffs.
  • Goodbye to Aaron Harang, who did his job eating innings this year, if not much more.
  • Goodbye to bust prospect Dom Brown, who basically just didn’t pan out. He started to die to me when I found out he likes the Cowboys, and it only got worse as he didn’t seem to care about his play.
  • Goodbye to Chad Billingsley. Things just didn’t work out.
  • Goodbye to Jerome Williams. He wasn’t too good, but he was a good sport about it.
  • Goodbye to most of the coaching staff and former Manager Ryne Sandberg. With Sandberg out, i’d assume the new manager will pick his own bench staff, for the most part.
  • Goodbye to Cliff Lee. This one hurts. It feels like yesterday that he chose Philadelphia as his home. He gave it his best, and was pretty good for us on the whole. No one will forget his 2009 post-season run in Philadelphia.
  • Goodbye to Erik Kratz, Brian Bogusevic, and Chase d’Arnaud, although none are officially out of here yet. All got called up from their minor league deals, and all would seem like likely cuts from the 40 man. They all seem like decent dudes though, and as an IronPigs fan too, I hope they are back somehow, unless they can get a major league job somewhere.
  • While I doubt they will be cut, possible goodbyes to Ryan Howard and Carlos Ruiz. They are both going into expensive walk years, and seem like candidates to be traded if anyone will take them. They were great Phillies, and I’d be totally fine if this is unnecessary, and they come back in 2016.
  • Goodbye to the worst team in MLB this year. I expect a better team next year. I think we’ll get it.

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