Republican Arguments Against Gun Control are Absurd


Saint Ronald Reagan, the patron of the modern Republican Party, was shot as President. His Press Secretary also was shot. He would go on to support the Brady Bill, which expanded background checks and instituted waiting periods on purchases. In other words, President Reagan supported gun control.

Today’s Republican Party opposes any gun control. Literally any. Background checks, or anything else, are “the road to tyranny” Today, their Presidential candidates brought out a litany of ridiculous statements on why we should do nothing.

  • Marco Rubio said we shouldn’t pass gun control laws because criminals don’t listen to gun control laws.
  • Mike Huckabee said we need more people with guns, because a cop stopped the bad guy in Oregon.
  • Donald Trump said we should just accept this, because there will always be some crazies that “slip through.”
  • John Kasich said we should not do gun control, but we should use the death penalty more.
  • Ben Carson said we shouldn’t pass gun control because it will only impact the law abiding gun owners.
  • Jeb Bush literally said it’d be wrong to do anything. Stuff happens.

These were some remarkably stupid statements. By Rubio’s logic we should have no laws. Huckabee is equating a cop doing his job with everyone having guns. Trump and Bush literally are saying just give up on stopping crazies. Kasich is talking about a totally unrelated point that isn’t relevant in many cases, since many of these killers end up dead too. Carson’s point is silly, because the people being killed are law abiding people too.

These are not serious talking points. They aren’t serious policy. They aren’t serious people. This is all nonsense.


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