Game 40


Tonight I’ll be in Citizens Bank Park for my 40th game of 2015, and my 20th Phillies game so far. They are 9-10 on the season in games I’ve been at. In addition, I attended 19 IronPigs games and one Yankees-Nats game this season. I have one more game, Fan Appreciation Day on Sunday.

Even in what was a terrible season for the Phillies, it was a fun season. Tonight brings my 25th season as a season ticket holder to a close. Not one of those 25 seasons wasn’t fun, even if only one of them ended with a championship. I’ve been to World Series games and snoozers against Tampa in the season, and I’ll always take a baseball game over the alternative.

I added a new ballpark in this season as well, PNC Park in Pittsburgh, and I hope to add another new one next season, and also to get to Camden Yards for a game again. The wish-list right now includes Wrigley, Fenway, Dodger Stadium, and San Francisco, as my top spots.

My goal this season was 30. I crushed it. I won’t set a goal for games in 2016 until I have an idea where I’ll be at for most of the Summer. This year worked out quite nicely.


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