Of All the Issues, the Republican Congress Wants to Fight Over Planned Parenthood


Immigration reform is a major issue in this country, one that Republicans are saying is a “crisis,” but they do nothing on it. Mass shootings are a major issue in this country, and yet the Congress does nothing on guns. Syria is in a major crisis, and no one in Congress has any solution. Our environment needs protecting, but there is no action there either. On issue after issue, Congress fails to act.

They don’t fail to have sideshows though. Yesterday they spent the day on Capitol Hill holding “hearings” about how bad Planned Parenthood is. Their evidence? Falsified B.S. videos that are doctored beyond credibility. The chairman of the House Committee actually said the bit money we throw towards Planned Parenthood for non-abortion services is the reason his parents are dead of cancer. If there was ever a complete waste of time in Congress, it was yesterday.

The argument the House Republicans are reduced to at this point is that they don’t like their tax dollars going to an organization they don’t agree with or support. They go further and cite political donations from Planned Parenthood to Democrats (mind you, from a separate entity, but whatever). If we applied that same standard in reverse, I might say that Democrats should shut down the government to stop several military contractors from getting public contracts, because war offends my conscience and I don’t like that military contractors give a lot of money to Republicans. If you’re saying, “that’s ridiculous,” you’re right, it is. It’s the exact same argument House Republicans are making though, the only difference is that it’s real in their case. They’re actually spewing this nonsense, and wasting the people’s time on this. Please, don’t talk to me about your religious views on abortion either- Jesus actually told us in the Bible to help the poor and make peace. That doesn’t mean I want government shutdowns over the next Boeing contract.

Republicans want to force their will on America by any means necessary. Never mind the nearly three million people treated by Planned Parenthood with this money. Never mind the functions of our government. Either give these clowns their way, or they’ll throw sideshow hearings and threaten shutdowns. Not only do they serve no purpose for America, they actually do us harm. It’s sad.


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