Have Patience, Ye’ Eagles Fans


I’m going to say that I was always a skeptic of Sam Bradford. It’s not just his health, his stat line hasn’t been that good as a pro. He missed the last two years too, so part of it is his health. Nothing about getting him made me super excited. Honestly though, I didn’t think Mariota would be a big deal either.

Even so, Sam Bradford is the Eagles starting quarterback. He’s got the most upside of anyone on the roster. He was the top pick, and he was considered a big talent at that time. If he were to meet that upside, the Eagles could be a very good team. Forget if that’s likely or not, is there another quarterback on the team you feel that way about? Mark Sanchez isn’t bad, but last year was one of his statistical best years, and the team didn’t make the playoffs with him. With that in mind, the only shot of contending with the big boys is hoping Bradford gets going. So, hope for that. If he fails, you’re back where you were, when they didn’t make the playoffs.

Besides all of that, Bradford has played three games so far. He missed the last two years, Chip baby’ed him through the pre-season, and he’s out there re-learning the game. Obviously if he’s bad in a few weeks, you sit him and play Sanchez. We’re not there though. Complaining about his play isn’t really a solution, so I don’t see the point. This team will only contend as much as Sam Bradford does. Right now the best posture is patience for the Eagles starting quarterback, from his fans.


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