Don’t Care About Your Team’s Lack of Titles? You Lie.


This Summer I went to Pittsburgh a couple of times, and on one of the trips, I went to Heinz Field to see the Rolling Stones. Since it was pouring down rain before the game, I decided to go to the “Hall of Champions” and check out the shrines to the Steelers and Panthers. In there, I saw all six Steelers’ Super Bowl trophies. I’m an Eagles fan. We don’t have any of those. It bothered me. Not because the trophies weren’t cool. Not because Pittsburgh had them, I actually don’t mind the Steelers. I was bothered my Eagles have no such trophy.

A lot of Eagles fans have told me over the years that the lack of championships “doesn’t matter,” or that it doesn’t bother them. I recently had a Cubs fan tell me the same. Every last one of them is a liar, or not really a fan of the team. The point of sports is to win, and winning means winning championships. If this is not your goal for your team, you’re not doing it right. If it doesn’t bother you to see your rivals winning championships, you are not doing it right. If a Flyers fan isn’t bothered by the Penguins last Cup (and they all are), that isn’t a real Flyers fan. Sports are about winning, and winning means having parades and putting up banners.

I get that fans of teams that aren’t winning don’t want to talk about it. That’s fine. Don’t claim you don’t care though. You’re either lying or don’t care. Either way, nobody has time for that.


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