The Republican Base Doesn’t Deserve John Boehner- or a Majority in Congress


I am not a fan of Speaker John Boehner. In fact, I don’t agree with him on much of anything. I found him incapable of controlling his own caucus and making a deal to run our country. He was unable to do the job as Speaker, and probably should have not ever been Speaker. The gerrymandered public did hand the Republicans their illegitimate majorities though, and he had earned the top job, so we all had to deal with him.

I always though Boehner was a genuine, respectable character, someone who had values and beliefs he held dear. I always felt that he meant well by the country, and was more interested in doing the right thing in the end than in appeasing the crazies. He’s not good at his job at all, in fact he’s a failure. With that said, he’s the one national leading Republican who made a good faith attempt at doing things that needed to get done- like raising the debt ceiling, funding the government, and not stopping the functions of the U.S. government that needed to go on every day.

I’m not shocked that Boehner is “throwing himself on the grenade” that is the House conservatives wanting to de-fund the government to starve Planned Parenthood. It’s a stupid idea, and one that has really bad consequences for millions of women. It’s also bad politics. The Speaker is a national figure who has to care about things beyond some rural, back-woods base. Of course, in doing that, he made that rural, back-woods base hate him. The GOP is in a state of civil war, and that war is causing this kind of in-fighting. Boehner is a coy and capable in-fighter himself, but the tone of their debate is not something he’s made for. He’s not that type. He’s now realizing the vitriol that his party has directed at the President for seven years is being aimed at him, because he won’t let the conservatives act like three year old children in the House, and destroy everything in the government. Wanting to achieve things and be responsible isn’t what they want their Speaker to strive for. They want their speaker to be as ridiculous as they are.

The group of neanderthals seeking the job now are more likely to give them that. In other words, all of you liberals celebrating Boehner’s demise should stop. There is a decent chance that Majority Leader McCarthy is the next Speaker, and that he will be somewhat similar to Speaker Boehner in the job. There’s a chance, not a guarantee. If McCarthy doesn’t win, the next Speaker will be an absolute knuckle-dragger that will be willing to heap destruction on America. In fact, even if McCarthy wins, the new Majority Leader will be someone very, very out there. That’s not good. It’s not good for the country, or for the millions of people in this country who need a government that functions.

The truth is though, good for the GOP. If they want to prove they are a bunch of angry hillbillies that eat their own, they are doing it. Their mission is accomplished. Boehner sucked at his job as Speaker, but he was still too good to lead these people. Now the imbeciles have their chance to run the asylum. I do fear the damage they will do.


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