My MLB Playoff Power Rankings, 9/28


Jimmy is going back to the playoffs. Photo by Richard Wilkins Jr.

It’s the final week of MLB for this year. Here’s my updated power ranking of the teams who are playoff bound.

  1. Texas Rangers- If you want to talk about a team on fire, they were .500 and “sort of” in the AL West race at the trade deadline. Right now, they are on their way to the post-season.
  2. Los Angeles Dodgers- Greinke and Kershaw are both going to roll into this post-season. If they are on, they will win. If they are not, they probably won’t.
  3. Pittsburgh Pirates- The Pirates just beat the Cubs in a series and now will play the division leaders from St. Louis. They have a big ace arm, and they are hot. This could be their time, or they could be done in one game.
  4. Toronto Blue Jays- You have to love this squad’s offense. They have a big time ace too to anchor the staff.
  5. Chicago Cubs- Losing a series to Pittsburgh dampens my enthusiasm, but they have all the pieces to make a run.
  6. Kansas City Royals- I’m almost penalizing them for winning the division too easily.
  7. New York Mets- Matt Harvey is heating up, and for that reason you should fear them. They can pitch.
  8. St. Louis Cardinals- I have a hard time not ranking them higher, but I feel like they are a regular season team this year.
  9. New York Yankees- They’re going to make it. Can they beat anyone?
  10. Houston Astros- I’m not sure they can hold on and get in at this point.

Honorable mention to the Angels and Twins in hot pursuit of the Astros.


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