Elections Are Coming- In Case You Didn’t Know


In just over a month, it will be time to vote in the 2015 election. If you live in the Lehigh Valley, that might be news to you. There aren’t competitive local races in Easton or Bethlehem, and in Allentown it’s little more than window dressing. There are statewide judgeships on the line, but it’s not easy motivating the public with that.

In Lehigh County there are competitive races for Commissioner, Sheriff, and Controller. In Northampton County two council seats, the Controller’s job, and a seat on the Court of Common Pleas are on the line. Just across the river in Warren County, Phillipsburg has an election for Mayor. Past that, good luck finding races that motivate the public.

I’m definitely concerned about low turnout. I think many voters will be turned off by the lack of competitive races and string of negative headlines out of Allentown, the Attorney General’s office, a Philadelphia Congressional office, and the former Treasurer’s sentencing. If I had to guess, this Fall will produce record low turnout. That also probably will mean terrible electoral results. This is not a good thing for the Lehigh Valley.


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