Paul Ryan Could Be Speaker


Paul Ryan has said he doesn’t want to be Speaker of the House. He also didn’t want to run for President. He seems to just want to be a chairman in the House of Representatives. We could take him at his word. Let’s not do that though.

The Majority Leader, Kevin McCarthy, may or may not be able to get 218 Republicans to agree to vote for him. The Majority Whip, Steve Scalise, also will probably not be able to get 218 conservative votes. Of the two, McCarthy is the more likely of the two to get 218 votes. It may not be easy within the Republican caucus for anyone to get there.

If both fail, you fall into total chaos, where the Republicans in Congress may not be able to agree on anyone. They won’t let a Democrat win, so someone else will have to get 218 votes. The only other figure that could get to 218 votes at that point is Paul Ryan. While it may be the second most likely outcome, don’t be shocked if it happens.

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