Bye-Bye Boehner


Speaker John Boehner will resign as Speaker and as a member of Congress next month. While Democrats are getting a good chuckle at this, i’m not- it’s not like Nancy Pelosi will be the next Speaker. Boehner feels that he is becoming a distraction in his battles with the more conservative elements of the House, and so he wishes to step aside now. He does so, ironically, a day after the highlight of his tenure as Speaker.

Boehner leaving isn’t a good thing. It is a bow to the reality that the House of Representatives is un-governable in it’s current form, and that attempting to make the Congress function is now a negative. His replacement is likely to be considerably more extreme than him.

It’s also worth noting that it’s hard to get much worse. Speaker Boehner’s tenure has little to no real achievements. His greatest achievement was stopping disaster. We didn’t default on our debt. We only had one shutdown. Those are really sad, pathetic “achievements,” and yet that is about as good as Congress can do. You should be horrified by what is happening today.


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