What Jeb Bush Got Right- The Pope


From Jeb Bush’s essay about his Catholic faith and the arrival of Pope Francis:

Millions of American Catholics, like me, are excited that Pope Francis is making his first journey to the United States. In our Holy Father, we have a model of personal holiness and deep concern for the most vulnerable among us. He reminds us to speak out for the persecuted, advocate for the unborn, comfort the afflicted and welcome the stranger.

The pundits would like to make him out to be a politician, but his charge is much greater than that: He is the spiritual leader to the largest group of Christians on Earth and an inspiration to all people of good will.

The church that Francis leads never tires of proclaiming the dignity of all people — a truth that is also at the heart of our form of government that pledges liberty and justice for all. It underlies the first freedom in our Constitution, the freedom of religion, a freedom that too many in our government have lost sight of in recent years.

I don’t quite agree with the last sentence, mostly because of how he interprets this, but I do agree with the rest. It’s a good read, and humanizes a figure that isn’t often humanized.


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