RIP Yogi.


Yogi Berra is one of baseball’s all-time greats. He was a great player on the field, one who won many championships and put up staggeringly good individual statistics. He also was one off the field, where he was a national icon both for his actions and his words. Last night he died at the age of 90. Baseball, and America, will miss him.

He was an 18 time All-Star, 13 time World Series Champion, three time AL MVP, Hall-of-Famer, World Series manager of both NL and AL champions, World War II Veteran, and funny guy. He hit 358 homers as a catcher and drove in 1,430 runs in his career. He served in the U.S. Navy as a gunner and fought in D-Day while he was still a minor leaguer. That he wasn’t first ballot or unanimously elected is a damned sin.

Berra will be remembered as much for his wit as his play. “Yogiisms” are famous quotes by the catcher, like “it ain’t over til it’s over.” He was a colorful character that was easy to like. In an era when no one says anything publicly anymore, it’s easy to appreciate that. Baseball, and America, will miss Yogi Berra the person.


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