Pope Francis Speaks to Major Topics


I watched Pope Francis this morning as he spoke from the White House, and the man never ceases to amaze me. A man who has never been to America, who doesn’t speak native English, was able to learn English and make a speech at the White House in front of the world. In his first trip to the White House, he stood in front of the world and addressed the greatest issues facing our world.

  • He called himself an immigrant, a powerful message at this time where our nation is debating immigration, and xenophobic voices are calling for fences and keeping people out.
  • He spoke on the Syrian Refugee crisis, and the need for anyone who can to help address this humanitarian issue.
  • He spoke on poverty and income inequality, and called them major issues facing our world.
  • He spoke out on climate change and called for action now.
  • His work on normalizing relations with Cuba was also present in the speeches, as he was a key part of that major achievement.

Pope Francis did not back away from controversial subjects or issues that might anger some elements of American political life. He went into a powerful foreign capitol this morning and spoke with a moral clarity that is usually missing in our own political dialogue. It is inspiring and enlightening.


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