No, You Don’t Have to Defend Your Favorite Teams


There’s a ridiculous theory that has fans in “Eagles Twitter”- that you have to defend your team and stand by their moves, because nobody else will. In other words, your loyalty is to the front office of your team. The Phillies stunk this season, but you should defend the direction they’re going in, just because. The Sixers have been bad for several years now, but you should defend Sam Hinkie because you’re a Sixers fan. The Flyers have missed the playoffs two out of the last three seasons, but you better believe. Chip Kelly blew up the team this off-season and re-made it? Even though it looks terrible so far, how dare you question it?

You don’t owe the front office anything. You don’t have to buy into anything. You are the customer, you put your money into your team. If you think that Chip Kelly, or Sam Hinkie, or any other front office is stupid, you can say so. You don’t have to side with Pat Gillick just because he runs the Phillies, anymore so than you have to cheer for a hitter hitting .179. This idea that you owe it to buy into what the team does is ridiculously stupid. This is not how sports work, clearly.

In other words, if you’ve watched two weeks of the Eagles and you don’t like what you see, you can question Chip Kelly. You’re the fan. You’re the customer. It does not make you a better fan to defend every move your team makes. In fact, the effect is quite the opposite. It encourages poor performance.

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