Mixed Reaction to Mackanin Hiring


Pete Mackanin hasn’t done a poor job as interim manager of the Phillies. I think some people have confused “not poor” with “good” though, and that is not good. Today, Mackanin was extended as manager of the Phillies for 2016, with a club option for 2017. It’s not the worst decision in the world, but it’s also not exactly a step in the right direction.

The team started very poorly under Mackanin after Ryne Sandberg simply resigned. Then after the All-Star break the team caught fire and went on a run for about a month that has elevated Mackanin’s record to a little better than it was under Sandberg. The reason it’s only a little better though is because the team seems to have stopped playing anything resembling professional baseball down the stretch, killing his once good record. From what I can tell, the talent just isn’t there, and so it’s tough to judge him for wins and losses. I’m not though- I don’t think the effort has been there the last month, and that is really concerning to me. Yes, the players are young and tired, and yes, it’s human nature to shut down on a really bad team. Even so, you expect them to try, especially when you pay out the money you earn to go see them.

None of this is to say that there’s no logic to letting the same guy manage the team next season, another season that is not supposed to end in a World Series victory. There is. None of this is to say that he’s done a rotten job, he hasn’t. He’s been much better at communicating to the players, media, and fans. He’s tried stuff to make the team better. I just don’t think he’s done a great job either, and certainly don’t want to continue the losing culture that has permeated the Phillies locker room since about 2013. I’m not for retaining much that was a part of the Phillies organization the last few years. I’m much more concerned about who the next GM is, but i’m still a little worried about keeping the same voices in these young players’ ears in 2016. I didn’t see enough progress to like what I saw.


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