Concerned Citizens or Dirty Tricks by Local Tea Party Republicans?


My parents got the letter above- a letter that caught my eye. A letter that suggests serious concerns about money in politics, Kevin Dougherty’s brother, and statewide Democrats hurting our local Democrats. It is addressed as being from “Concerned Democrats,” of which I certainly count myself as one. It doesn’t really have a point, as in it’s not saying to vote against Dougherty, who it calls “a good man,” or to kick out any specific party leader. It doesn’t even call for an end to spending. It seemed like a rant against the state of the Democrats- addressed to other Democrats.

I am most definitely concerned with money in politics. I’m also definitely concerned about the alleged and admitted ethical lapses of Kathleen Kane and Rob McCord. I’m not feeling too happy about what’s happened in Allentown, for that matter. However if I were any kind of experienced political activist, I wouldn’t send a rambling letter like this to voters of my own party. Yes, money is a problem, and yes there are problems for Democrats. So, what are you saying?

Of course, I’m not totally convinced the letter was from any “concerned Democrats.” Not at all. In fact, I doubt it was. Was it from the Northampton County GOP? The local Tea Party? Republican council members from the county? All of the above.

More likely.

A letter like this is meant to suppress voter turnout. It’s not calling for any kind of specific action, it’s not really aimed at any specific point. It’s meant to draw a line using circumstantial evidence that connects Kevin Dougherty and local Democrats to Dougherty’s brother, and then somehow without any evidence, to Kathleen Kane, Rob McCord, and Mike Fleck and the Allentown situation. What evidence there is to this link is never shared, because there isn’t any. It’s meant to make Dougherty and local candidates somehow look bad though.

Here’s the truth of the matter- the Northampton County Democrats have nothing to do with Fleck, McCord, Kane, or really even the statewide campaign of Dougherty. We all support Kevin, and I am voting for him, but that’s where it is. This letter is nothing more than a smear campaign.

I have no idea who else got it, but I haven’t heard from anyone yet. We will push back.


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