The Ridiculous Republicans Will Do Anything to Kill Planned Parenthood


Let’s be clear here- everything in the “Planned Parenthood videos” should be considered false, because the videos were doctored. While several Republican-lead states have investigated the videos and concluded that they are doctored, that has not stopped the GOP from trying to kill Planned Parenthood off of the planet by any means necessary, using the videos as their rationalization. A little lie is not enough reason for the Republicans to back off of their long stated goal of killing one of the largest providers of women’s health care in the nation. Truth has no place in that debate for them.

Obviously, Carly Fiorina was willing to get on a stage in front of the nation and flat-out lie about what she “saw” on the Planned Parenthood videos, videos that were doctored to begin with. She was willing to just make up a scene in those videos, complete with grizzly details, and talk about it as though it was fact. Obviously, Fiorina has a loose relationship with the truth to begin with, but this was even special for her.

She’s not alone though. The Republican controlled House has now voted to defund Planned Parenthood of all federal funding for one year. Now remember, not one dime of the federal funding they received previously went to abortions, as that is already illegal under the Hyde Amendment, and is audited and checked by the government and outside sources annually (as many people make it their mission to make sure the government doesn’t fund abortion). That doesn’t matter to the Republican House though, as they are willing to force a government shutdown over starving Planned Parenthood of the money it uses to help underprivileged women, provide cancer screenings, and provide all sorts of health care for women who need it. The Republican House is willing to harm millions of women to kill Planned Parenthood.

All of this is ridiculous. Planned Parenthood’s overwhelming majority of work has nothing to do with abortions. Yes, they do abortions at some locations, and no, there’s nothing wrong with that. Whether you or I like abortions, they are legal and protected under the Constitution of the United States. By no means do you personally have to approve of them, but trying to destroy a non-profit for providing a legal procedure is dangerous grounds to walk on. The Republican Party is showing that it is willing to harm millions of women in order to kill a non-profit they don’t like. That is truly sick.


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