The Flyers and Islanders Make Some History Tonight


The Barclays Center for Basketball.

Tonight, the Flyers and Islanders will open up the pre-season by playing two. No, not a double-header, but two equally intriguing split-squad games in one night. In Allentown tonight, the Flyers will host the Islanders in their first “home” game in the beautiful PPL Center. In Brooklyn tonight, the Islanders will host the Flyers in the first game in their new home at the Barclays Center.

In Brooklyn, it’s a fitting change of the era. The Islanders spent decades in Nassau County at the Coliseum, and many of their greatest moments as a franchise came against the Flyers there. That they would open their new home against the Flyers is fitting for them.

In Allentown, it marks the beginning of the second season in the PPL Center, the home of the Phantoms. Many of the Phantoms best players last year will play a big role in the future for the Flyers, and so it’s fitting for them to open the season in the home of the Phantoms.

It will be a great night of hockey, with two games. Fortunately the season is right around the corner, and the games will matter in a couple of weeks. Philadelphia fans are pretty anxiously waiting to see their new look team and coach. It should be a fun season.


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