DC Insider Republicans Love Carly- The Rest of the Country Yawned at Her


Today, the media is celebrating the performance of Carly Fiorina in last night’s debate. The media is the key part of that sentence. They are excited that she took on Donald Trump, that she called Hillary Clinton a liar, that she took a firm stance on Planned Parenthood, and that she said she wouldn’t talk to Vladimir Putin. Carly is all the rage with the media, and within the DC Republican-establishment, which apparently told Politico that she won the debate (I didn’t read the article).

While that’s all well and good, Fiorina isn’t going anyway. The Drudge Report, where movement conservatives get their ridiculous news, ran a poll on the debate that came to a different conclusion- Donald Trump won the debate, again. By a lot too. The truth is, he’s a lot closer to where Republican voters are than Fiorina is. The other truth here is that Fiorina has been a media and Republican establishment darling before too, when she ran for the U.S. Senate in California in 2010- she lost that race badly.

So while base Republicans were ho-humming Carly’s “big win,” it’s worth the rest of us taking a long look at her too. Fiorina is a poor candidate, and would be a poor President. A few things to know about Fiorina:

  • She was run out as CEO of Hewlett-Packard. They fired her after shares fell 42% under her. The market as a whole fell 6%. IBM and Microsoft fell hard during that period, and still fell less than HP. She was eventually fired.
  • During her time at HP, she laid off tens of thousands and out-sourced jobs at an alarming rate. Yes, CEOs do this. Yes, it’s still a fair political issue.
  • While Fiorina was CEO, she did business with Iran. Illegally. Of course, she now opposes the Iran Deal. Because, Obama, duh.
  • Her tenure at Lucent was great, until right after she left for HP. Then the company fell apart and the stock fell to $1. They laid off thousands right after she left. Convenient.
  • Last night she brought up the Planned Parenthood “videos” and challenged people to watch them and not support defunding the group. She got virtually all of her facts right, after citing videos that were doctored. It was straight red-meat for an ignorant base of people who wanted to hear that. She talks about things that weren’t even in the videos, videos that were highly doctored as well. No one who makes up facts like that should be President.
  • As I said above, she did run for the U.S. Senate in California- and lost badly. In 2010, I might add. The more you know, the less you like her.
  • Oh, she won’t talk to Putin? That’s a great way to lead. That’ll solve lots of problems.

Carly Fiorina is a dud. Republican establishment figures like her. Their base voters don’t like her. California hates her. Democrats shouldn’t even give her a look. Carly is a future has-been candidate. The country is better off that she is.


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