Bryce Harper, Good Guy


Photo by Richard Wilkins Jr.

I’ve never been anything but a critic of Bryce Harper, from his infamous freak out in Harrisburg, right up until this season. This season though, he’s a worthy MVP contender, and completely living up to the hype. That great season reached a new height for him, as he hit his 40th home run in an empty Citizens Bank Park, for a fading pre-season favorite team that was sweeping the terrible home team. After he hit that 40th homer, he made no scene, drew no attention to himself, and basically just trotted around the bases.

The decent fan who caught it then offered it to Harper after the inning. Harper did the decent thing- he signed the ball he was warming up with, and gave it to the fan in exchange for the home run ball. After the game he even spoke nicely of the fans in that empty stadium. You may recall that Harper recently did call out his home fans for leaving in the seventh inning of a close game, but he was right then too.

I’m starting to like Bryce Harper now after a few years in the league. The brash youngster who was going to change baseball is gone now, and in his place is a legitimately good player. There’s no arguing with that.


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