Gettysburg is a Really Cool Town


This weekend was the PA Democratic State Committee Meeting, which I’ll write about a little later, and it was held in historic Gettysburg, PA. Now, I’ve lived in Pennsylvania since I was one, but somehow I have never went to Gettysburg for any significant amount of time. That was until this weekend, when I went out Friday night and stuck around until late into Saturday afternoon.

Gettysburg is a really neat little town. They have kept the old battlefields and cemeteries much like they were at the time of the Civil War. They do a good job letting you know where important historical events happened at that time (other than the Gettysburg Address, which I felt didn’t get enough recognition). The downtown shops, businesses, hotels, and bars are all classy and nice. The college looks like a really fun place.

I had never been to Gettysburg until this weekend, but I do recommend it. I think they do President Lincoln justice with his “presence” on the town (often in the form of statues and memorabilia). I felt the presence and weight of what went on in Gettysburg, and the significance of it’s place in our history. Unfortunately I did have other business, so I wasn’t able to just site see and check out Gettysburg. I hope to get back and check the town out a little bit more.


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