An Update from the State Democratic Committee Meeting

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Last June I joined the PA Democratic State Committee. Chairman Jim Burn was re-elected at that time, but not without some level of conflict in the party. At the time, Tom Wolf did not want Burn to continue as chairman despite a term that had been very effective at cutting down Tom Corbett. The now-Governor wanted the same courtesy of picking his own choice for the chair that all previous nominees had received. As a result, a state of conflict had held steady over the party until this weekend. This weekend, Chairman Burn resigned amidst a hero’s farewell. He left very popular with the rank-and-file.

Montgomery County’s Chairman, Marcel Groen, was elected as the new chairman of the Pennsylvania Democratic Party. Groen has a great personal story and a record of success as county chairman. When he took over Montgomery’s Dems in the early 1990s, Republicans dominated every level of government in the county. Today, Montgomery is a reliably Democratic County. I have confidence that the chairman will lead us to victory. Groen was replaced on the DNC by Jerry Lawrence of Delaware County in a voice vote as well.

Our statewide judicial candidates also came around to graciously rally the troops and thank members for their work. State Treasurer candidate Joe Torsella held a breakfast before the meeting, which I appreciated (I like food). Former Congressman Joe Sestak came by the Northeast Caucus at the end of the meeting to mingle with members. Montgomery County Commissioner Josh Shapiro, a potential Attorney General candidate was working the halls too. There was plenty of 2016 action going on.


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