An Online Re-Launch


I’ve had my main e-mail since 2003, and my old-email since 2001. Both of my Facebook accounts (2004 and 2006) pre-date the time when anyone could just sign up for Facebook. My Twitter pre-dates Twitter being cool. I could go on. My social media presence basically pre-dates 90% of social media. It pre-dates when people worried about online identity or reputation. It actually pre-dates when anyone could get on Facebook and see you. My friend lists are huge, and the accounts lack any real focus, because they were made at a different time.

For that reason, today I have began a re-launch online. I got a new gmail, new Facebook, new Google+, and even a new Twitter. I felt like it was a good time to start anew. My old email, Facebook, Google+, and Twitter are still up, but I’m gradually going to move everything over to my new account. I just needed the fresh start of sorts.


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