The President, and Our Country, Score a Huge Victory on Iran Deal


Yesterday the Senate took their vote on whether or not to disapprove of the Iran Deal negotiated by the Obama Administration. The Senate did not have enough votes to disapprove of the deal, and the deal will go into effect.

This is a great day for the Obama Administration, especially President Obama and Secretaries Kerry and Moniz. They put their careers and reputations at stake, and their hard work will be put into place. This victory means they can move forward with implementation, and get to the actual hard work that lies ahead.

This is a great day for America too. We did not want Iran to get a nuclear weapon. The only two ways to do this were this deal or a war. Let me be clear, this deal is the best deal you can get. China and Russia were not going to stick with the sanctions regime if there was no deal, so indefinite sanctions weren’t happening. There was going to be no deal where Iran didn’t see some benefits for surrendering the right to get a nuclear bomb. Yes, Iran will get money that is currently in frozen accounts, but that is their money. Yes, Iran will get to keep their civilian nuclear program, which is legal under international law. No, there won’t be instant-inspections 24/7, every day of the year, but that is neither necessary or realistic. The deal that was negotiated will force Iran to meet benchmarks, declare their previous nuclear progress, and allow inspectors into their country. It sets standards that did not previously exist. It forces China and Russia to take ownership of violations of the deal by Iran. Iran is likely to comply with this deal, not because they have suddenly become trustworthy as a government, but because they need the benefits the deal gives them.

You will not get Iran, Russia, or China back to the table if we had backed away. You would not get a more harsh deal against Iran, as Boehner and Netanyahu called for, in any form of negotiation. If we had walked away from this deal, we would have done so alone. The only alternative to this deal was war. Thankfully, 42 Democratic Senators made sure we are not going that way. Today was a victory for President Obama, and for the United States of America.


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