9/11/01- Never Forget


I remember 9/11/2001 like it was yesterday. I remember that gas was $0.88 a gallon by my house. I remember that I was supposed to have a cross-country meet that day. I remember that the sky was perfect blue, and that there were no clouds. I remember that the Phillies and Braves were locked in a tight race for the NL East. I remember arriving at school, and arriving at my Latin 1 class that morning.

What I really remember about 9/11/2001 though wasn’t anything to do with my senior year of high school or my personal day. I remember watching airplanes hit buildings in New York and Washington. I remember watching the Twin Towers fall down. I remember watching people jump from those towers. I remember seeing a smoldering wreck in a field in Western Pennsylvania. I remember the horror of knowing this was happening in America.

I also remember watching fire fighters and police officers charge into buildings and save people. I remember seeing people consoling each other in the streets of New York City. I remember watching fire fighters pull Chaplain Mychal Judge body from the carnage. As bad as things were that day, I remember seeing the best of America’s people that day.

The months that followed 9/11 brought a wave of patriotism and love for New York and Washington. For me, those months after took me to all of the crash sites, which was pretty weird. The years that followed brought me to living near the Pentagon, being at the tenth anniversary of 9/11 in New York City, and becoming one of the millions who like to marvel at New York’s new skyline, and the beautiful building that has risen in the Twin Towers’ place. I’ll never forget what happened that day, or how it made me love the city. On this anniversary of a sad day in our history, it’s nice to look at that building and feel better about life.


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