The GOP Actually Wants to Shut Down the Government to Stop Women’s Access to Healthcare


No, there’s no debt ceiling fight, or fight over Obamacare this Fall. That’s good, right? The GOP is maybe growing up and acting like adults in Congress, realizing that those are crazy and stupid fights, fights that the public wants them to stop having. Maybe our politics are growing up.

Don’t bet on it.

The GOP is considering a government shutdown over their demand that all government funding for Planned Parenthood be cut off. Even though Planned Parenthood is banned by federal law (The Hyde Amendment) from using one cent for abortions, they say it’s the principle. They don’t want an organization that does any abortions with any money to get any money. Of course the federal money Planned Parenthood gets goes to all other areas of women’s health, especially for lower income women who desperately need that help. That doesn’t matter though. The ghouls that inhabit the GOP Congressional delegations want the organization starved into non-existence over a small portion of it’s work, work that is constitutionally protected and legal. They don’t like it, so it shouldn’t be.

The GOP has spent nearly seven years now throwing a temper-tantrum, demanding their way on everything from government spending to starving out women’s health. They want to take away the health care of millions, and of course this latest move only re-confirms that fact. The Republican Party does not care about the health of women, only that they get to kick and scream, and cause a scene, to let people know how right they are. They are more of a whining toddler than a political party.


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