State Committee Meeting Weekend


This weekend is the PA Dems meeting in Gettysburg. This will be my fifth meeting as a member, and will conclude my first full year in the organization. Normally the Fall meeting is one of the more “sleepy” meetings of the year, with most of the attention being on the candidates running the next year, who are vying for endorsements from the party at the coming February meeting. That will still go on this weekend. We have some other business too.

The most important piece of business will be electing a new chairman. After six years, Chairman Jim Burn will step down from his post, creating a vacancy. It is my intention to vote for Montgomery County’s chairman, Marcel Groen, to be the next chairman of the party. I think Marcel’s done a great job in his home county, building it from a Republican stronghold to one of the most Democratic counties in the state. He deserves the reward of a promotion.

Also, the endorsement process will get going as well. While we won’t vote until February, I’m sure we’ll see many candidates, including candidates for Senate, Attorney General, and Treasurer there. I go into this meeting completely undecided about who I’ll back in any of those races at this time, but I look forward to hearing what they all have to say. Hopefully they all get off of the boiler-plate stump speeches a bit and give us some real meat.

As usual, I’ll have a report after, and maybe some feelings about 2016 races. I’ll be giving an update about the delegate selection process too, and how to be a delegate for each of the Presidential candidates vying for the nomination in Philadelphia next year.

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