Colbert is Still Awesome


I missed the first ten minutes of Colbert’s “Late Show” Debut, and when I turned it on, he was pouring Oreos onto himself. It was ridiculous, but ridiculously funny to watch. It’s basically like he never left television, classic Colbert.

This was not Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert. This was a mix of that guy and David Letterman. Both his George Clooney and Jeb Bush interviews had a serious side to them, and yet had me cracking up at times. In particular, his Jeb interview was must-see TV- he made the normally “dry” Bush seem funny, and yet got more substantive answers than any “professional” interviewer on cable news.

The tone was clearly younger, and Colbert is late night TV for the next generation. Ben Folds Five is clearly a “generation Colbert” type of guest band. Colbert himself singing was clearly something he’d do.

Through one night, I’m a fan of the new show. Can’t wait to watch tomorrow night.


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