Another Year at Coca-Cola Park Ends


The IronPigs season is over. This season marked my eighth season as a 17-game season ticket-holder, which is coincidentally all of their seasons. I expect to be going back for a ninth season next year as well. There really isn’t much that is more fun than a night in East-Side Allentown for a ball game.

There are some goods and some bads, as there are every season. I’m going to start on the goods. Here are my goods:

  • This is beyond the IronPigs control, but the passage through Allentown by Maikel Franco, Aaron Nola, Aaron Altherr, Adam Morgan, and others was fun to watch. Getting to see legit prospects is even better than seeing wins by the Pigs, at least to me. Next year should be a fun year that is full of top prospects coming through for a minute. I can’t wait.
  • The German Beer Garden on the first base side is a hidden treasure. With brats and beer, it’s a great, great time.
  • In fact, the beer selection in general is a highlight. I’m a huge fan of the Fegley’s Amber Lager. I’m a fan of basically and of the 32 ouncers. Sure, if you like Miller or Coors you might not like the selection, but them’s the breaks.
  • I like the left-field seating in front of the bullpen a lot. It’s a very different kind of view for a game, and you are basically field level.
  • The center field beer stand makes the best hot dogs. Yes, there is a difference. I’m not sure if that’s the only stand that cooks the dogs on a real grill or not, but it’s very good.

So what didn’t I like? Dancing Dirt Dudes is old. The “Trough” continuing to be ticketed is stupid, as that used to be the most fun part of the games when anyone could stand along the right field wall. It’s not even always full, so the Pigs should stop ticketing it. Beyond that, I can’t really tell you what I don’t like. There isn’t a bad seat in the house, and the games are always a good time. Maybe let Hambone win more?

Anyway I can wait for 2016. Go Pigs!


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