Who’s Playoff Bound?


Jimmy should be back in October. Photo by Richard Wilkins Jr.

We are officially at the point in baseball season where you’re either playing meaningful baseball or excited to watch your prospects get called up. There really isn’t any other point. So we’re now at the point that everyone is watching the contenders, and wondering who will get in and who won’t. We’re at Labor Day now, and every game matters in the pennant race. So who’s going to get in?

AL Central

The easiest answer of all is the AL Central, where the defending AL Champion Kansas City Royals are running away with it. With a cool dozen game lead, you can write them in now.

NL West 

Los Angeles has a 7.5 game lead and possibly the best two pitchers in the league. They made some moves to upgrade their team, and would appear to be a team on their way to the division win. They have been no-hit twice in the last couple of weeks though, which is a red-flag for the playoffs, but I think it will be tough for San Francisco to catch them.

NL Central

St. Louis has lead all year, and they seem to win every year. They hold a 6.5 game lead, and if Pittsburgh wants to catch them, they will have to start by winning tonight. I don’t think anyone will catch the Cardinals though, as they will get one of the ten spots by winning the division.

AL West 

The young Astros are holding onto a two game lead over the Rangers and five and a half game lead over the Angels. I’m not sure that I like their odds to hold on. Right now I’m feeling the Rangers as the team with momentum, and the team to pull out the division.

AL East

Toronto was arguably the best team in baseball in August. The New York Yankees are a game and a half back, and they are the Yankees. Who wins? Toronto did everything possible to put a great team together, and I like their chances to hang on. Canada is back in the post-season.

NL East 

Obviously, lots can still happen to the young Mets arms, like hitting their innings limits. Obviously, the Nationals are starting to come alive. The Mets lead by five though, and frankly they have the better pitching staff right now, as amazing as that would have seemed in April. The last time the Mets were in a pennant race, they were collapsing for a second straight year. Those guys are gone though, and the Mets will get it done.

NL Wild Cards

Yes, this is a walkover as well. Pittsburgh and Chicago are both in great shape to win these spots, and Pittsburgh just needs to hang on and keep this as a home game. Cole and Arrieta it will be in the first post-season game in the NL.

AL Wild Cards

The Yankees hold a four game lead on the Rangers right now, but I have the Rangers winning the West. I see the Astros holding off Minnesota and the Angels and heading to the Bronx for playoff baseball.


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