My Philadelphia Eagles Season Prediction


The roster is down to 53, and the key spots are all set. The Philadelphia Eagles will open the season with expectations, and some of their highest hopes in a long time. Chip Kelly opens his third season as head coach having gone 20-12 in two regular seasons and winning a division, but the team he will trot out onto the field will look remarkably different at quarterback, running back, wide receiver, offensive line, corner back, and safety than it did in either of his first two seasons.

The Eagles schedule is easier than either of the last two years. The AFC East is not a bad division, but has just one elite team, while the NFC South was the worst division in football last year. Even their cross-division games against Detroit and Arizona are winnable football games on paper. Going into the season, you would mark down really only New England as a game they won’t be favored in. For this reason, a lot of fans have visions of 13 wins in their heads.

I’m not quite there. Before pre-season, I said the Eagles were a 9-11 win type of team, depending on how things broke for them. At that time, I felt like they would be able to win at least three in the NFC East, two in the AFC East, two in the NFC South, and would come up with two more to get there. I’m fairly bullish now after a good pre-season, and some other teams having injury issues.

  • I’m sticking with them winning at least one, if not both of their cross-division NFC games, at Detroit and home with Arizona. While I think both of those are good teams, Arizona has to travel across the country, traditionally a killer for West Coast teams, and Detroit’s loss of Suh this off-season makes them seem a little less intimidating.
  • The Eagles will win at least three games against the NFC South this season. Tampa is still a year away from respectability and New Orleans is rebuilding. Carolina suffered a crush injury blow (Benjamin) this off-season, which changes that from a game I thought they’d lose to a toss-up. I consider the Carolina and Atlanta games to be toss-ups, but I see the Eagles winning at least one of the two, if not both road tests.
  • The AFC East is an interesting division, as no one is totally awful, but no one seems incredible to me either. Playing at home against Miami and Buffalo makes me feel better about facing those defenses, while playing the Jets early makes me feel good about the chances against them. Going to New England late in the season is tough, but not an impossible win. I’m seeing the Eagles winning three most likely, but the range is two to four wins really.
  • The NFC East is a three-horse race. Washington is a total mess, and the Eagles should capitalize this time and get two wins. I can’t see the Giants sweeping the Eagles under any scenario, and I honestly think the same of Dallas. I think the Eagles win four games in the division, with really all of them possible.

So if you did the math, you see that by adding up my low-range predictions, I have the Eagles winning 10 games. My high end is they can compete in them all. Honest prediction? I see this as an 11 or 12 win team right now heading into the season. My two cautions about this team are their health and the number of new players playing in a new system. The good news is they look good and the schedule isn’t bad. The bad news is that New York and Dallas should have some success against the same schedule. I’m not sure that 10 games will win the division, or make the playoffs, again. Ultimately, the good news is that I think the Eagles will do both of those things. I believe the Eagles will go 11-5, and win the division by a game over New York and Dallas. They will get the third seed, and yes, win a playoff game this year. Just not the NFC title. Or the Super Bowl.


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