Pitt Football Season Prediction


Last year Pitt blew a lead in their bowl game, and the loss pushed them to a 6-7 finish. That was a 6-7 finish in a year where they had victories over Miami and Virginia Tech, usually a sign of a great season. It was not a great season in large part because they were terrible in close games and blew several leads. Statistically, they should have been better. On the field, they didn’t play like it.

Pitt is playing a certifiably tough schedule this season. They go to Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech, and Duke, in conference, as well as traveling to Iowa. They take on Notre Dame, North Carolina, Miami, and Louisville amongst their home games. Frankly if they go anywhere near .500 in those games, they had a pretty good season. I can see it happening though. Teams don’t play sub-.400 ball in one score games forever, and Pitt has for about two decades now. With a new coach, Pat Narduzzi, should come a new attitude. I’m saying the Panthers treat the Heinz Field faithful to an 8-4 record in the regular season, and a bowl appearance in 2015-2016.

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