Penn State Nittany Lions Football Season Prediction


The Bowl ban is gone, the scholarships are back, and James Franklin is a second year head coach now. All is well again in Happy Valley, right? Well, kind of. The Nittany Lions should be a much improved team if for no other reason than having more scholarship athletes on the roster, and familiarity with their coach’s system. They have one of the most talented quarterbacks in the country, and they have a good recruiting class joining them. They also have a schedule that doesn’t take them on the road after today’s opener until they go to Ohio State in October. With the exception of the trip to Ohio State and Michigan State, the Lions might not be an underdog all season.

Building in two losses and a bunch of games that they should win, Penn State’s season will mostly be judged based on their meeting with Michigan at home, and their trip to Baltimore to face a Maryland team that beat them last year. If they can beat those two teams that beat them last year, this should be a really good season. Losing those, or a slip up against the likes of Temple, San Diego State, Indiana, Illinois, or Northwestern, could crush the season. I’m tempted to predict a 10-2 season for the Lions, but that’s a large improvement, very fast. I’m going to say the Nittany Lions go 9-3 this season, and play in a New Year’s Day Bowl game.

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