Tebow Earned His Spot, Chip Did a Good Job


Photo by Richard Wilkins Jr.

Last night I went up to MetLife Stadium to watch the final pre-season game for the Eagles against the Jets. The focus of the night in general was the final few spots on the team, particularly the third QB and fourth running back. Matt Barkley and Tim Tebow had not yet clinched up their spot on the team before the game. By the end of the game, Tebow was the guy.

Tebow wasn’t Tom Brady back there, but he did some good things in the final pre-season game. He ran a good two minute drill at the end of the first half. He scrambled out of trouble all night, showing his mobility off. He ran the read option effectively, a key in the Chip Kelly offense. He also used his feet to create time and throw a beautiful fourth quarter touchdown pass. He did throw an interception, and the offense was pretty unremarkable overall, but Tebow showed more than enough to warrant the third string job.

I have to give Chip Kelly credit on this one. Chip managed to trade Barkley today for a conditional draft pick, just hours from having to cut him. He managed to keep Tebow, who fit his system better, while moving Barkley for a future player. While he may have had a questionable off-season (or not, we’ll see), Kelly did some nifty front office work here and got a deal done. Tim Tebow and Chip Kelly have had a good 24 hours together, so let’s hope the season continues that way.


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